Betta Talk!

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I know I sound like and idiot lol!


Seth's Fish Tanks says:

I love you too

Maranda Goad says:

I love you!!(:

Jamie Du says:

Any one watching this I made my first video it’s called (Betta talk (tea

kuronorocks says:

I feed mine omega one because of the lack of “Fish Meal” the omega one has
more whole pieces of the fish.


Hi great Video I love your Betta, When i had mine i kept it in a 10 gal
tank and he loved it, I love your tank and he has plenty of room to swim
around and explore, in my opinion this is how a Betta fish should be kept,
They are still fish no matter what people say about them and they need
space to swim and be happy. Good job !!

Ethan Vargas says:

nice i have a betta can you sub to me

njw1383 says:

Great video. I don’t think you sound like an idiot at all. I found it very

Seth's Fish Tanks says:

yeah betta’s are great little fish and they are fearless

Seth's Fish Tanks says:

no problem I am now subbed

Seth's Fish Tanks says:

yeah it is good stuff for sure

Seth's Fish Tanks says:

Thank you! and yeah both my betta’s love there situations they are great
little fish and I think betta’s are probably one of the smartest fish there

Seth's Fish Tanks says:

Thank you! and yeah this video not so bad the 5 other times I attempted to
make this video I did haha

MrHoney2U says:

nice video and couldnt agree more. Some fish are just lazy. Ive thought
about getting one just havent done it yet

Ethan Vargas says:

i sub to you can you sub to me back and check out my betta

Seth's Fish Tanks says:

sure can all I ask is that you sub to me first

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